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 Employment Opportunities
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Welcome! We are glad that you are interested in pursuing employment with Lake County. We offer our employees competitive wages, great benefits and a supportive working environment.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and offer Veterans Preference upon initial hire in accordance with Florida Statute 295.  Appropriate documentation must be submitted to establish Veterans Preference eligibility prior to the closing date of the position. Qualified individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply and may be reasonably accommodated. Selected applicants receiving a conditional offer of employment will be subject to a complete background check, drug testing and may undergo a medical examination. We reserve the right to update the minimum qualifications of the position and close the position prior to the closing date. An equivalent combination of education, training and experience may be considered.

Compliance with Lake County's Acceptable Driving Record is required of all applicants.

New employees must enroll in direct deposit of payroll checks.

New employees in fire fighter positions must agree to abstain from the use of tobacco products for the duration of employment (includes both on-duty and off-duty).

Below is a listing of posted vacancies with the Lake County Board of County Commissioners. We accept applications only for vacancies listed here. Click on the Job Name below to view additional details about the position and to apply online. Applications must include at least ten (10) years of complete work history and copies of licenses, degrees or transcripts, and certifications according to the minimum qualifications for the position. Positions are subject to close without notice.

Lake County BCC provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact the Office of Human Resources & Risk Management by phone, email, mail, or fax. Hard of hearing or deaf individuals may contact Human Resources via the Lake County TTY (TDD) number (352) 253-1840.

If you are interested in finding volunteer opportunities within Lake County, please visit the Volunteer Services page.


Current Job Openings

Community Services - 1 job(s) available
Probation Associate II Probation Associate II –

Facilities Management - 1 job(s) available
Contracts Technician Contracts Technician –

Fleet Management - 1 job(s) available
Mechanic I Mechanic I –

Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization - 1 job(s) available
MPO Project Manager MPO Project Manager –

Office of Communications - 1 job(s) available
Web Developer Web Developer –

Procurement Services - 1 job(s) available
Senior Contracting Officer Senior Contracting Officer –

Public Works - 12 job(s) available
Public Works Director Public Works Director – Details and Instructions to Apply
Construction Inspector II Construction Inspector II –
Contracting Officer I Contracting Officer I –
Environmental Program Associate Environmental Program Associate –
Environmental Waste Technician Environmental Waste Technician –
Equipment Operator I Equipment Operator I –
Financial Analyst Financial Analyst –
Public Works Department Director Public Works Department Director –
Right-Of-Way Agent I Right-Of-Way Agent I –
Roads Maintenance Operator Roads Maintenance Operator –
Spray Truck Operator Spray Truck Operator –
Survey Technician II Survey Technician II –
Traffic Signal Technician Traffic Signal Technician –

For Lake EMS openings, Click Here.

For Lake County Clerk openings, Click Here.

For Property Appraiser openings, Click Here.

For Water Authority openings, Click Here.

Recently Closed Jobs
Posting #PositionStatusUpdated
18-04-19-2006Stormwater Inspector I In Selection Process June 19, 2018
18-04-12-2002Mechanic I Will Not Be Filled June 19, 2018
18-04-12-2001Mechanic I Will Not Be Filled June 19, 2018
18-03-29-1989Spray Truck Operator Filled June 19, 2018
18-03-27-1985Permitting Technician I Filled June 19, 2018
17-12-01-1917Plans Examiner Filled June 19, 2018
17-10-10-1882Roads Maintenance Operator Filled June 19, 2018
18-05-30-2023Systems Support Technician In Selection Process June 15, 2018
18-06-01-2027Office Associate IV In Selection Process June 13, 2018
18-06-01-2026Code Enforcement Officer In Selection Process June 13, 2018
18-05-23-2021Office Associate I In Selection Process June 11, 2018
18-03-27-1986Fire Inspector In Selection Process June 6, 2018
17-09-06-1860Senior Building Inspector In Selection Process June 6, 2018
18-05-07-2010Spray Truck Operator In Selection Process June 5, 2018
18-05-16-2016Firefighter/EMT (*Paramedic) In Selection Process June 1, 2018
17-11-06-1900Expo Center/Fairgrounds Program Manager Will Not Be Filled May 30, 2018
17-09-22-1864Permitting Technician II Filled May 30, 2018
17-08-24-1854Equipment Operator III Filled May 30, 2018
18-03-06-1974Permitting Technician I Filled May 30, 2018
18-03-05-1973Park Ranger Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-26-1969Procurement Associate Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-26-1968Office Associate III Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-23-1965Spray Truck Operator Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-23-1966Traffic Operations Supervisor Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-15-1960Equipment Operator II Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-06-1951Permitting Technician II Filled May 30, 2018
18-02-05-1950Code Enforcement Officer Filled May 30, 2018
18-01-05-1943Park Ranger Filled May 30, 2018
17-12-20-1930Building Automation and CCTV Technician Filled May 30, 2018
17-12-19-1929Roads Maintenance Operator Filled May 30, 2018
17-11-30-1916Office Associate V Filled May 30, 2018
17-09-06-1859Senior Contracting Officer Filled May 30, 2018
17-07-31-1843Equipment Operator II Filled May 30, 2018
17-05-03-1809Animal Shelter Supervisor Filled May 30, 2018
18-04-12-2000Office Associate III Filled May 29, 2018
18-04-02-1993Right-Of-Way Agent I Filled May 29, 2018
18-03-30-1991Roads Maintenance Operator Filled May 29, 2018
18-03-30-1990Permitting Technician I Filled May 29, 2018
18-03-21-1981Permitting Technician I Filled May 29, 2018
18-03-21-1982Permitting Technician I Filled May 29, 2018
18-03-19-1980Office Associate III Filled May 29, 2018
18-03-09-1978Park Ranger Filled May 29, 2018
18-02-16-1963Emergency Management Associate Filled May 29, 2018
17-12-11-1927Firefighter/EMT (*Paramedic) Filled May 29, 2018
17-08-24-1852Deputy Fire Chief Filled May 29, 2018
18-02-15-1959Planner In Selection Process May 29, 2018
18-05-17-2017Office Associate V In Selection Process May 26, 2018
18-05-23-2020Permitting Technician II Temporarily On Hold May 23, 2018
18-05-04-2009Permitting Technician I In Selection Process May 22, 2018
18-05-10-2015Office Associate II In Selection Process May 18, 2018
18-05-02-2008Roads Maintenance Operator In Selection Process May 18, 2018
18-03-29-1988Branch Supervisor In Selection Process May 17, 2018
18-04-11-1998Fleet Management Supervisor In Selection Process May 7, 2018
18-04-18-2005Roads Maintenance Operator In Selection Process May 2, 2018
18-04-13-2003Probation Officer In Selection Process May 1, 2018
18-03-07-1975Office of Library Services Director In Selection Process April 17, 2018
18-04-02-1994Senior Building Inspector In Selection Process April 12, 2018
18-03-07-1976User Support Analyst In Selection Process April 10, 2018
18-02-12-1957Executive Director - Lake County's Agency for Economic Prosperity In Selection Process April 5, 2018
16-07-29-1685Traffic Signal Technician In Selection Process November 30, 2017
17-08-24-1853Logistics Supervisor In Selection Process September 19, 2017
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